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National Do Not Call Registry by September 2007

Back in April I {ln:Do Not Call Registry in India 'wrote} about the need of a National Do Not Call Registry and the Do not call registry maintained by different banks.
TRAI has finally issued a notification to check unwanted telemarketing communcations including land line calls, mobile calls and SMSes. "Telecom Unsolicited Commercial Communcations Regulations 2007" has come into immediate effect. This leaves three months for telemarketers to register themselves with the Department of Telecommuncations.

The National Informatics Center has been authorised to install the NDNC (National Do Not Call) registry within 3 months and operate and maintain it. Those who do not wish to receive unsolicited calls can register their telephone numbers with their telecom service provider for inclusion in the NDNC.

So telemarketers first will have to verify the number before calling them with the NDNC registry. They can not call/message the number if the number exist in the NDNC. If they fail to follow this rule, they will be charged Rs. 500 per call/message.

Thats a good news for Indian telecommunications. Go ahead and register your phone number with your service provider to include it in NDNC registry and make yourself free from unsolicited calls.