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Why IE8 Is Better Than FireFox Or Chrome Or Safari On Laptops?

browser-warsEver since Firefox launched in the market, Microsoft's IE has taken a back seat. FIrefox is faster, more plugin friendly and best of all, open source. But when we thought that the Firefox is winning, Google launched even faster browser(still not proven though) called Chrome.. so what about Opera and Safari?

Well whatever other people say about IE8.. Based on AnandTech's test, IE8 is definitely better than Safari or Firefox 3.5 or Opera 10 or Chrome for your laptop..

Why so??How can IE8 be better than Safari or Firefox?

AnandTech ran exhuastive tests on Windows machines, Intel and AMD, netbook and notebook, to see if switching browsers makes any difference in battery life. Their list of browsers included Apple Safari (version 4.0.3), Google Chrome (version, Mozilla Firefox (version 3.5.2), Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 8.0.6001.18813), and Opera (versions 9.6.4 and 10 Beta 3).

With a laptop based on the AMD RS780MN platform, the best battery life on the NV52 ended up coming from what most consider the slowest browser, Internet Explorer 8.  The next closest option, Firefox with Adblock Plus, Google's Chrome came in third place, essentially tied with Firefox. Opera 9.6.4 comes in next, followed by the first major gap: Opera 9 beat Opera 10 by 9%. At the back of the pack, Apple's Safari 4 web browser trails Opera 10 by 10%

So if you were to use your laptop for browsing, IE8 gives you 33% more battery life under Windows Vista than Safari 4.. Interesting!!!