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Worried About Skype Close Down? Here Are Options

skype-close-downWho doesn't know about Skype? I guess almost everyone in the world who has an email account and who is aware of internet must be knowing about Skype. Skype was the first VoIP software that revolutionized the way we talk to family and friends across the world.

Skype recently achieved a milestone of 15 million concurrent users, meaning there are now 405 million skype users across the planet. This figure, they say, is growing by 380,000 every day

But who knows the future?

eBay bought Skype in 2005 from Joltid, which is the company of Skype's developers Zennstrom and Friis. Now, Joltid claims that that a section of the application's code, called Global Index, wasn't included in the sales contract, meaning that Skype shouldn't be using it. But Skype depends heavily on it, because it is a core element in the P2P structure of the application. Now Skype either has to win this legal battle and keep the right to use the code or face extinction.

Whatever is the case, being an end user, you don't want to risk yourself loosing your SkypeIn number and your routine Free Calls Feature. So here are few options to look at and slowly move away from Skype.

Ooma -- Ooma is an award-winning product that gives you free home phone service without paying any monthly phone bills. You can have all the features that you can get with your regular landline minus the monthly bills. You can have the chatting feature though. YOu can buy Oooma for some $200 bucks from Amazon and that's it. Free calls for the life.

Gizmo5 - This is my personal favourite. Gizmo5 has so many features that I can't tell you in this post. If you want to switch from Skype to some standard VoIP phone, Gizmo5 is the best solution for you. You can you can read this article that guides you through how to create free voip phone with free incoming number. And if you have Google Voice account, you can even setup your Google Voice with Gizmo5 account. Free Calls, Chatting, SMSes and much more.

VoxOx - VoxOx is another service that uses a standard SIP technology to make and receive free international calls. VoxOx recently released its latest version which includes facebook integration, social networking and much more. You can even make free international calls using VoxOx

If you know any other suggestions or options to replace Skype, please share with us.