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10+ iPhone Sites That Works Perfect With Palm Pre

If you are not aware of Webkit, it is an open source application framework to build a web browser and was originally derived by Apple Inc. from the Konqueror browser’s KHTML software library for Mac OS X’s Safari web browser. Now WebKit has been further developed by individuals from the KDE project, Apple, Nokia, Google, Torch Mobile and others.

So when Apple launched its iPhone, many companies and websites made sure that their websites are compatible with iPhone's Safari browser which is running based on WebKit. Within last two years, many sites developed a seperate subdomain and redirects to their so called 'iPhone compatible" sites.

Apple is not alone in the league now. Palm which launched its latest phone Pre also has a browser based on WebKit, which is the HTML-rendering engine that powers all versions of Safari (on the iPhone, Mac, and PC). 

So here are the list of "iPhone Compatible" sites that just works for Palm Pre too. It is a no brainer.

1. {ln:nw: 'Digg/iPhone} - One of the most powerful social bookmarking site Digg is available to your Palm Pre just by visiting their mobile website or so called "". It works just fine.

2. {ln:nw: 'Palm Pre} - Even though it is optimized for iPhone,'s iPhone site works perfectly with Palm Pre. You can even see the radar maps with hybrid view, map view or satalive view. It also gives you next and previous buttons to go to the next day weather. I like this better than the AccuWeather application for Palm Pre.


3. {ln:nw: '} - Another weather web page which works great with Palm Pre.

4. {ln:nw: 'Bank Of America Mobile} -- This one is great for managing your bank of america account online. It is optimized for your Palm Pre and works perfect.

5. {ln:nw: '} - Just direct your Palm Pre browser to The site contains a directory of services: search, flickr, New York Times, Upcoming,, etc. There is also a feed reader that is optimized for Palm Pre.:-)

6. {ln:nw: 'Food Network} - If you are into cooking and good food, Food Network's iPhone optimized site works perfectly fine with Palm Pre. The best thing about this site is that it also streams Food Network vidoes on Palm Pre. I was able to watch couple of the Food Network Videos on my Palm Pre.

7. {ln:nw:http:// 'ESPN Podcast For Palm Pre} -- Yes, who says Palm Pre can't have podcasts? I can hear the ESPN Podcasts fine on my Palm Pre. Just visit the {ln:nw: 'ESPN Podcast} for iPhone using your Palm Pre browser and you will be able to listen all the podacasts for free.

8. {ln:nw: 'RemeberTheMilk} - One of the most popular To-Do lists site and stickey notes features. You can visit the link and it works great with Palm Pre.

Palm Pre ESPN Podcast

9. {ln:nw: 'Palm Pre Fox News} - A version of the well-known news network Fox News's website for the Palm Pre

10. {ln:nw: '} - Get mobile access to all of your stored files in a Palm Pre friendly environment.

11. {ln:nw: 'Amazon} - Start shopping from Amazon with your Palm Pre phone. The site is optimized for Palm Pre too.

12. {ln:nw: 'pZoho} - Yes.. its not actually pZoho but works just fine with Palm Pre browser. You can access your documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Documents can be viewed and edited, while spreadsheets and presentations can only be viewed. You can create new documents as well.

If you guys know any more sites, keep them coming.. Palm Pre rocks..!!!